woensdag 3 augustus 2011

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 113

A lovely creative mess.
I like a clean desk. But I love a desk with some unfinished work on it. Love the colours of my Copics. Love taking a peek at the things that are on my desk.

My sewing machine is usually covered, but since my finace and I made some wedding decorations last weekend, it's still standing there... waiting for some more unfinished business. We're getting married on September 2nd. Very excited about that! But I digress...

What's on my desk:

My Copic collection. I'm already itching to buy some more... I hate being addicted... ;-) I also have a new crochet project. It's Joe the Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunately, I just used my last brown yarn today and I have to wait till Saturday to get some more. I guess I have to kick start my next project ( A Cameleon) because I can't wait that long without some crocheting!

I also coloured this Tilda and rocket last weekend. Love those colours together.
I love it when you leave a comment! Have a nice day!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. thanks for the peek. Have a great day

  2. I like a tidy desk too - can't abide working in mess! Am looking forward to seeing the completed Joe, the spaniel!! Have a good week :) xx

  3. Have a great wedding day! Good luck for the future.
    I think you've coloured rocket girl so well but she NEEDs a face/mouth/expression to bring her to life. It's my mission to bring them to life!
    JoZarty x